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Airtasker launches Caretasker

By Tim Fung

Updated: January 14th, 2020

Our response to help the Australian bushfire recovery efforts

Dear Community Members,

Over the past weeks, it’s been devastating to see the immense impact of the bushfires on the people, wildlife and natural environment of Australia.

It’s also been really moving to see so many people from the Airtasker community reach out to us for help and the response from our community of Taskers who have already been active in the relief efforts.

Airtasker connects people who need tasks done with people who are ready to work – and we want to leverage everything that we’ve built to make it as easy as possible for people to share their skills and help others during this critical time.

So, today we’re launching Caretasker.

Caretasker is an initiative through which any bushfire affected resident can post a task and instantly connect with more than 30,000 active Taskers from all across Australia to assist with bushfire recovery tasks like rebuilding, cleaning, delivering supplies or even completing helpful administrative tasks.

On Caretasker, instead of paying for the regular cost of a task, residents and workers from bushfire affected areas or organisations coordinating recovery efforts can submit a task and pay as little as $5*.

There are also no fees payable for bushfire related tasks on Caretasker.

In this time of crisis, it has been truly inspiring to see Australia come together to help one another – and we hope that Caretasker can play a part in bringing people even closer together.

You can post a bushfire recovery-related task or offer your time and skills through Caretasker here:

As always, the Caretasker initiative is a work in progress – so if you have any questions or suggestions on how we could improve it, please do get in touch.

To all of those people who have been affected by this immense disaster: please don’t lose hope, we’re with you.

Yours, Tim Fung

Co-founder and CEO

*Caretasker is powered by the time, effort and generosity of Taskers in our community and through this initiative, Airtasker is encouraging Australians to do what they can for whatever they feel is fair payment during this national crisis.

An important note: Whilst we’re really excited to see so many people willing to help out, please do take caution and listen to the advice of the emergency services when accessing bushfire affected areas. Travelling to and completing tasks in bushfire affected areas is at the Tasker’s own risk. If in doubt, we advise that people do not put themselves at the risk of danger or attempt any tasks beyond their capability. Posters and Taskers are encouraged to review our insurance policy to understand coverage and exclusions.


Co-Founder and CEO, Airtasker

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